5 Signs of a GMP-Compliant Company [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 Signs of a GMP-Compliant Company [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are a lot of acronyms in the industrial industry. One prominent acronym we abide by at Knobelsdorff is GMP - or Good Manufacturing Practices. GMP was instituted by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) who monitors GMP regulations to ensure manufacturers, processes, and handlers of medical devices or equipment, drugs, food, and other regulated items adhere to practices that ensure safety of products. GMP regulations require a quality approach above all else, something at the very core of our business.

Here's a list of five examples of how KE is GMP-compliant.

5 Signs of a GMP-Compliant Company


Necessary clothing clean and not unkempt, safety coverings to protect individuals, and adhering to specific production floor requirements of hard hats, hair nets, smocks, or other protective apparel. 


Enforcing the personal health status of every employee representing KEI in person. Includes physical and mental health status and communicating clearly any cause for concern. 


Any material, tools, equipment, or components brought into regulated atmospheres are confirmed fundamentally solid, clean, and approved to enter workspace before any work begins.


Abiding by industry-specific regulations that prohibit interaction or direct engagement with products, by, or co-products. 


Maintaining the reputation of the company throughout every industry, across all job sites, and during each phase of work. Ensuring safety above all else. 

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