CE Power Customer Spotlight | Knobelsdorff Enterprises

CE Power Customer Spotlight | Knobelsdorff Enterprises

Going on seven years, KE and CE Power has worked together on testing electrical equipment, electrical installs for turn-key projects and commissioning projects. 

CEO/President Karl von Knobelsdorff said this of CE Power, "CE Power is a great group of people. Just like us, they know how to G.S.D. and have fun doing it. We're like-minded, hard-working and dedicated, which makes it such a great partnership." 

Jason Thompson, CE Power VP of Operations, North Region, and Karl have an amazing relationship (and Karl's kids have fallen in love with Jason's pug, Stan.) Jason recently reached out to KE with some positive feedback. He said, "I wanted to send a big thank you to Dan Pauly and the KE team for really helping CE out of a pinch with the relay panels that are being built. We really appreciate everything Dan has done and the support we receive from you guys! KE always makes us feel like we receive the highest level of customer service and product quality!" 

We asked Jason to tell us a bit more about CE Power and why he chooses to work with KE:

  • What does CE Power do?
    CE Power is an independent provider of electrical testing, maintenance, project management and engineering services to electric utilities, industrial companies, and certain commercial clients with critical power applications such as hospitals and data centers.
  • What’s your favorite thing about the work you do?
    Personally, I love working with the talented people within CE Power that help our customers ensure the reliability of their electrical infrastructure and minimize downtime.
  • How is CE Power an innovative company?
    CE Power believes in an “embrace change” culture. We leverage the latest and greatest equipment partnered with industry-leading testing methodologies and engineering practices to ensure we provide our customers with a service that is very difficult to match. Taking it a step further, the internal training we offer our employees is truly “best in class” and designed to keep the skills of our employees sharp at all times.
  • Is CE Power working on anything exciting for the next year?
    We are continuing to grow at a very rapid pace. Continuing to expand into new markets is surely right around the corner!
  • Why did you chose/continue to choose KE as a solution?
    I, personally, have worked with Knobelsdorff for 15 years now and the service continues to get better each day. The staff is as talented as they come in the industry and the management team always makes you feel like you are their #1 customer. I cannot think of a single time in these past 15 years where I have heard a ‘No’ response from Knobelsdorff and that goes a long way with me!
  • What is your favorite KE story?
    When I first started partnering with Knobelsdorff, the crew was significantly smaller. I had a chance to work with some really great people, many of those same folks are still on the Knobelsdorff roster today. I can’t think of a single time when we didn’t have fun while working and I still see that same fun and energy when I come to visit the Knobelsdorff shop today! Sorry it’s not just one particular story but more an overall experience. On a much more personal side of things…..I have always considered Karl a good friend. A really cute story occurred this past summer when Karl, his kids and myself went fishing and I was able to watch little Herman catch his first fish. It was a crappie but Herman kept accidentally calling it a ‘crap’y. I still laugh when I think about it. 
  • In three words, describe your relationship with KE.
    Tina Turner said it best, “Simply the Best!”

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