KE is Your Industrial Automation Technology Specialist

Posted by: Karl von Knobelsdorff on Aug 23

How do you choose an industrial automation technology partner? Sure, there are a bunch of different variables to consider, but when it comes down to it, most industrial outfits want to work with automation and controls professionals who know what they’re doing, have the right skills and resources, and are going to listen to and help their customers.

Automated Industrial Technology Expertise

Industrial Automation TechnologyAt Knobelsdorff, we’re known for electrical work, but we’re much more than that. Here’s a quick breakdown of our service areas:

  • Electrical Systems & Services
  • Automation & Controls Services
  • Industrial & Commercial Solar Services
  • UL 508A Panel Building Services
  • Project Management & Construction Services

And as our current customers can tell you, we have automated industrial technologies down to a science. In fact, we have the experience and the resources to be your industrial automation technology specialist.

Specializing in Automation & Controls

There’s a bit of a stigma in the industry that the best automation and controls providers are those that have it as their only service offering. And that stigma grows when you start talking about complex and sophisticated setups.

I know first-hand that having multiple offerings in addition to automation and controls services doesn’t automatically mean those services are on the lower end. In reality, it comes down to the individuals who perform automation and controls work, how long they’ve been in the industry, and the resources they have access to.

Evolving with the Industry

The automation department within Knobelsdorff may be on the younger side, but the individuals that make up the department have been doing this for years. We have a handful of designers and programmers who have decades of project experience.

As instrumentation and industrial automation technologies continue to evolve and become more data-centric, we’ve kept our resources and capabilities in lock step with any changes. While other providers might be lagging behind, we’re on the cutting edge of industrial automation technology.

Our instrumentation and industrial automation can be as complex as you need it to be. Sometimes, we’re able to automate a process even more fully than our customers originally thought was possible. That’s another reason why it’s great to work with automation specialists who really listen to what you need.   

Questions About Automation and Controls?  Talk to an Industrial Automation Expert

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