Looking for Electrical Tech or Electrical Engineer Jobs in Minnesota?

Looking for Electrical Tech or Electrical Engineer Jobs in Minnesota?

You don't need to be an electrician to work at Knobelsdorff. We currently have multiple careers available for electrical engineers and electrical techs who have different levels of experience. Whether you are practically trained, a tech school graduate or hold a Bachelor's degree, we have something for you. 

Electrical Engineering Jobs at Knobelsdorff 

Below, I've outlined the three positions we have for electrical techs and electrical engineers at Knobelsdorff. I've also included a link to the full job description for each position.

Controls Engineer.jpg

Controls Engineer

Our Controls Engineers focus on programming and design. The types of projects they work on are wide-spread, meaning they have countless opportunities to learn, grow and hone their skills.

With the different types of programming they have to do, we're looking for Controls Engineers who are quick learners and strong communicators. 

You can view our full Controls Engineer job description here.

Electrical AutoCAD Designer

For this position, we're seeking applicants experienced in AutoCAD Electrical. They will work closely with both our Electrical Engineers and our Project Managers to draft and develop project schematics. 

You can view our full Electrical AutoCAD job description here.

Electrical Engineer

Our Electrical Engineers are natural problem solvers with experience in the electrical construction industry. Our ideal applicants will have knowledge of manufacturing processes and low voltage wiring systems. They will also be adept at evaluating electrical systems and designing electrical testing methods.

You can view our full Electrical Engineering job description here.   

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