What is O&M?

What is O&M?

O&M, in regards to Solar Renewable Energy, consists of many services that allow you to optimize an asset’s Return on Investment (ROI). It is a common misconception that O&M services are mainly reactive, instead of preventative. In order to minimize issues that require reactive maintenance, there is a list of solutions that can be provided throughout the life of an asset. When handled correctly, they will prevent those issues from ever happening.

Image of a man working with wires

Preventative Maintenance

Minimizing issues early saves time and money on the back end, allowing the asset to perform at its peak at all times. The list of preventative maintenance services we provide include:

  • Site Inspections
    • Full walkthroughs of the site looking for issues that may not be seen when doing specific maintenance. For example:
      • Rodents
      • Washed out areas
      • Shading
  • Array Inspections
    • Full walkthrough of the sites array layout, looking out for any damaged panels, wiring, structure, etc.
      • Damaged panels or wiring can cause an entire array to become offline, resulting in a loss of output.
  • Transformer and Switchgear Inspections
    • Checking Oil Samples of transformers
    • Re-torquing connections and torque verification
    • Testing cables and other MV switches
  • Weather Station/DAS Equipment
  • Vegetation Management
    • Mowing
    • Spraying
  • IV Curve Tracing
  • Thermal Imaging
    • Inverters
    • Combiner Panels
    • Switchgear
    • Modules


Reactive Maintenance

Image of a broken solar panel in winter

When systems fail, equipment breaks, or mother nature causes issues, reacting quickly with the appropriate solutions can save downtime on the asset’s production. Although preventative maintenance is intended to catch a large portion of issues beforehand, having the ability to act on issues that arise with fast and efficient solutions provides a safety net for your asset while still optimizing its ROI. Examples include:

Snow/Ice removal  Along with other impeding obstructions that may cause a loss of production.


24/7/365 Emergency Service

  • Resetting tripped breakers
  • Verify underperforming inverters
  • Reset reclosers

All reactive maintenance efforts must be performed with speed and expertise in order to minimize downtime.


Knobelsdorff Energy is Your O&M Solution Provider

Image of a man working on a panelAlong with being a full EPC contractor, Knobelsdorff Energy offers remote monitoring, planned maintenance, system testing, equipment repairs, upgrades, and everything in-between for any scale of Solar project. Our customers receive 24/7/365 support, providing solutions to protect your asset throughout its life. We have the team, tools, and equipment necessary to tackle any challenges you face.

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