Project Feature: The Effingham ADM Facility

Project Feature: The Effingham ADM Facility

Here at Knobelsdorff Electric, we provide electrical services to many different areas of industry. From food processing and residential work to milling and industrial solar work, it's safe to say we perform a large variety of work. And within those industries, we take on new projects and new challenges all the time. Here's a look at one of our newest projects. 

The Project

Our client, ADM (Archer Daniels Midland), was looking to expand their pet food productions to a new, 284,000-square-foot facility in Effingham, IL. They needed an electrical contractor to handle all of the electric motors, controls, and lighting within the new facility, as well as their security and camera systems. While we had previously worked with them on a feed mill in Glencoe, MN, this second project was unlike anything we’ve ever done before. 

unnamed-3Project Feature: The Effingham ADM Facility

The Specifics

Project Feature: The Effingham ADM FacilityIn the most basic sense, electrical work is really just pipe and wire. But the layout of the Effingham facility was different from any other facility we’ve worked on before. Because of the shape of the facility – it’s a tall concrete tower – and the processing workflow they wanted the facility to have, it took a lot of learning and a lot of effort in order to get all of the pieces to fall into place.

Even our employees who are experienced in this type of industrial work were in a whole new ballgame with this facility. But one of the great things about Knobelsdorff employees is that they’re always willing to rise to the occasion. Everyone, from the project managers and foreman to journeyman electricians, rolled up their sleeves and did what needed to be done to make the project successful.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

The Effingham ADM facility has been about a two-year project, and Knobelsdorff has had employees out there for all but six months. We started with a lot of the underground work, which takes heavy planning but leaves you with a cleaner facility.

After the pipes were in the ground, we came back a few months later to install panels and pipe the motors and the equipment. Next came the lighting, the safety features (fire extinguishers, etc.), and the security components.

A Project to be Proud of

Regardless of the project, what really sets our work apart is the final product. Knobelsdorff employees take pride in their work and know the importance of having a job that looks clean.

Any of our project managers can spot a crooked pipe from 100 feet away (and most of them have Karl to thank for that). We run clean pipe for our customers, and we leave them with a great looking facility when a project wraps. And that attention to detail? It's in everything we do.

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