Welcome Our New Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Coordinator, Padriac Casey (Pad)

Welcome Our New Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Coordinator, Padriac Casey (Pad)

Just a few short months ago, we welcomed Knobelsdorff’s Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator, Padriac Casey (Pad). Of course, I wanted to give Pad a little bit of time to settle into his work before introducing him on the blog.

Joining the Knobelsdorff Team

Welcome Our New Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Coordinator, PadPad, like many of our newest employees, found out about the EH&S Coordinator position from a colleague of his. They had found the job posting, thought of him, and forwarded it his way. Not only did the position itself appeal to Pad, but working at Knobelsdorff Electric gives him a better daily commute, too.

But what really sealed the deal was discussing the position with our President and CEO Karl. “After meeting with Karl, I saw that we were definitely on the same page as far as what we want to see and what we want to develop. It was clear to me that I wanted to join the KEI team.”

Working in Safety

If you ask Pad, he’ll describe himself as “A field guy with a degree.” And I have to be honest, he’s pretty spot on. As a carpenter by trade, his educational background is in construction management and carpentry. He’s just as comfortable on site getting his hands dirty as he is wearing a button-down shirt in a conference room. This versatility and ability to dig in wherever needed makes Pad a perfect addition to KEI. And his interest in safety? It comes from a genuine place.  

“My best friend, who I’ve been close with since grade school, was involved in an industrial accident. He was working a summer job, and he lost his left arm right below the elbow. Now, when I was in my 20’s, I thought I was invincible too, but seeing what my best friend went through, and knowing it could’ve been prevented if his workplace had been safety-compliant inspired me to go back to school for occupational safety and health.”

Growing with Knobelsdorff

Part of the reason we needed an EH&S Coordinator is because of all the recent and planned growth our company is moving through. The responsibility of supporting safety throughout KEI is simply too big not to have a dedicated position for it. As we continue to grow, it’s essential that we keep our current employees in safe working conditions. And we’re thankful to have Pad leading the charge with such passion.

When I asked our new EH&S Coordinator if he had any final words to share, he said, “I would really like to thank everyone who has just been so gracious. The overall attitude, willingness to help, and level of professionalism I’ve experienced makes my job so much easier and so much more enjoyable.”

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