What Does It Mean to be a Project Manager at Knobelsdorff Electric?

What Does It Mean to be a Project Manager at Knobelsdorff Electric?

The Project Managers at Knobelsdorff play an important role in taking our electrical projects from start to finish. They're involved from the design of the initial concept all the way through the execution and sign-off. Due to the continued growth of our company, Knobelsdorff is seeking qualified individuals to join our team as Project Managers.

What We're Looking for in a Project Manager

What Does It Mean to be a Project Manger at Knobelsdorff Electric? Our Project Managers are skilled at seeing the larger picture of an entire project and directing all of the smaller pieces that need to fall into place in order to get the job done. They handle behind-the-scenes tasks like budgeting and purchasing, and they are on the forefront organizing and supervising their teams, along with communicating with clients. 

Unlike some project management jobs, ours don't spend all of their days behind a desk. Instead, they spend a good amount of time out in the field. They're willing to roll up their sleeves and work alongside their team. 

Instead of doing the same thing day in and day out, the project load is always changing. Project managers are given responsibility, and they're given the ability to make decisions and actually manage their projects. 

Great Skills to Have

Being able to wear different hats is a valuable skill for project manager positions. 

  • Responsible - identifying if there's any need on site, going in, and helping out
  • Good communication - staying in touch with everyone who's working on a project
  • Motivated - bringing the energy to get things finished
  • Focused -  coordinating resources and coordinating people, lots of moving pieces
  • Confident - knowing when to make decisions independently and when to ask for help

To view the full Project Manager job posting along with the basic qualifications and requirements of the position, click here

Why Knobelsdorff?

Of all the project manager jobs in Minnesota, I don't think you'll find one quite like what you'll find at Knobelsdorff. Our company and our culture are just unmatched. While many of our senior employees have had their entire careers here, we have a growing number of team members who've joined from other companies in the industry. 

We invest in our employees to help them grow in their skills and capabilities. We want to be able to bring out their best qualities and their biggest attributes, whatever they may be and use it to get the project done and fit into the culture of the company. Interested? Consider applying.

We're growing, which means, we're hiring. Interested in joining our team? Apply Now