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Knobelsdorff Electric performs all scopes of electrical work — from low voltage communication wiring, to 480 volt power distribution, and 69,000 volt substation and distribution. We provide turnkey design-build construction projects along with in-house maintenance and 24/7/365 emergency services. 

When you partner with Knobelsdorff Electric, you gain an experienced and resourceful team with endless solutions that can solve the most complex problems. They're professional, dependable, consistent, and one of a kind when it comes to the industry. 



The Knobelsdorff Electric division is dedicated to finding the most efficient way to achieve your project timeline and goals. We do this through one of our various electrical services: 

Knobelsdorff Electric's services have evolved over three decades because of the #KEway — meaning we offer some of the most progressive and leading electrical services in the industry. Ready to find out which service is right for your next project?

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