Knobelsdorff has been involved in the food processing and beverage production industries from its inception over 30 years ago.  From canneries and food processing plants to breweries, we have dozens of dedicated customers that rely on KE for new facilities, new process lines, automation & controls, general maintenance and emergency services.  As with every job, safety and productivity are top-of-mind.  Our extensive understanding of sanitary operations and the protocol associated with these processes offer peace of mind to our customers in this market segment.

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Peanut Butter & Honey - Cannon Falls, MN

Believe it or not, we have a customer who processes both of these products in one facility along with a myriad of other product lines.  Knobelsdorff has been a key player for them in assisting in expanding process lines and providing critical maintenance when problems occur.  KE prides itself on being able to do what others can’t and will go out of our way to get a customer up and running as fast as possible.  We have many examples of failed motors, breakers or other critical components where we have been able to locate and expedite the replacement and get it installed with minimum delay.  KE provides this service 24/7/365.  We do what it takes.

Food Ingredients - Rochester, MN

We have more than one customer that provides a broad spectrum of ingredients to other food and beverage processors.  In some cases, these once local companies are now owned and managed by multi-national corporations.  As you can imagine, the complexity of working in some of these facilities and complying with the requirements they place on contractors can be daunting.  In all cases, KE has risen to these challenges and become a key resource to them when planning process changes, additions, expansions or scheduled maintenance.  One of KE’s strong attributes is our ability to manage plant shutdowns and turnarounds efficiently.  There have been many cases where KE has worked 24 hour days on end, in order to meet the customers aggressive timetable.