The mining industry has no shortage of rules, regulations, and safety standards. Rightfully so, because people’s livelihoods and lives are on the line. At KE, we stay abreast of all the protocols and innovations in mining activity. It keeps us ready to perform for you, whether you’re pursuing a new venture or enhancing an active operation. We’ve worked in mines extracting metal, coal, limestone, sand as well as others and KE is versed in both open pit and underground facilities. We have trained crews of electricians, foremen and Project Managers that have up to date certifications in MSHA part 46 and 48 as well as training in KE’s rigorous in-house safety program.

Mining Examples

Iron Mine - Ishpeming, MI

Operations at this mine consist of an open pit truck and shovel mine, a concentrator that utilizes single stage crushing, AG mills, magnetite separation and floatation to produce hematite and magnetite concentrates that are then supplied to an on-site pellet plant. KE’s work here was to perform PM’s on an outdoor lineup of 15kV switchgear, indoor 15kV, 5kV and 480 Volt line-ups. Multiple transformer inspections of 5 MVA and smaller units involving cleaning and repair of units that were leaking, low on oil, needed nitrogen or other issues. We also assisted in installing new switchgear and MCC sections at several locations throughout the mine.

Open Pit Crushed Rock - MN & IA

This customer owns multiple open pit quarries for the production of crushed rock used in road building and many other construction projects. With multiple locations in Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri, KE has been involved with several operations, providing all aspects of electrical construction and maintenance, including installing new conveyors, crushers, switchgear and all other general electrical service needed to keep these busy, hard-working operations up and running.


Sand Plant - Kermit, TX

At this facility, KE was asked to assess the safety and compliance of all electrical systems. This included completing accurate one-line drawings of the site that included all cable, transformer and overcurrent device information. We completed an engineering review of all defects found on-site and created drawings to show corrective actions needed. We also verified the temporary power scheme was connected in a manner that would effectively protect person and property. A three-line drawing was created and protection system reviewed to ensure its safety. Further engineering and code review was completed at the site and recommendations made for taking equipment out of service and/or replaced that posed a potential life safety risk.