Leave no room for error, depend on our experience

There is no room for error when designing and implementing complete electrical controls systems for refineries, ethanol and bio-diesel plants, compressor stations, truck load out racks, tank farms, transfer and pumping stations, or any facility operating within the oil and gas sectors. Safety and seamless function are paramount, which is why Knobelsdorff Electric’s engineers, project managers and tradesmen are all trained and seasoned for these critical builds.

Oil & Gas Examples


Asphalt Shingle Recovery - Shakopee, MN

This revolutionary new facility engages in a new process technology for the recycling of asphalt shingles and the extraction and recovery of liquid asphalt, asphalt cement, fiberglass & felt, mineral aggregates and mineral fillers to be reused in the shingle manufacturing and asphalt pavement industry. The plant has the potential to recycle up to 70,000 tons of shingles each year. KE became involved in this new venture early on and was a key participant in the design of all process and control systems. From front-end through execution and final commissioning, we were there as key partners in the successful completion of the project.

Oil & Gas Pipeline Operations – Upper Midwest

Knobelsdorff Electric has entered into long term service contracts with pipeline operating companies in the Midwest. These contracts provide peace of mind to the owners with KE providing electrical design & construction, emergency repair and consultation services on a break/fix basis, or as needed for preventative and predictive maintenance on specific projects. Our Project Managers, foremen and crews are available 24/7/365 to ensure our customers have seamless, quick and reliable service when trouble strikes.


Bulk Chemical Terminal - South St. Paul, MN

One of our key clients operates a large chemical storage facility, receiving primarily river barge delivery of bulk liquid chemicals and flammables as well as dry materials. These are stored in both tank farm and dry product containers and readied for transfer to rail and truck outbound shipments. Over the many year relationship with this customer, KE has provided electrical construction services for everything from pumping stations to barge unloaders to reviewing existing plant electrical systems and making safety and compliance recommendations.


Sodium Methylate Plant - Manly, IA

Knobelsdorff Electric was the electrical designer and construction contractor for a new US-based producer of sodium methylate solution with a 20,000 metric ton per year production facility, located in the heart of America’s most prolific biodiesel producing region. Production of sodium methylate plays a significant role in the stability and growth of the US biodiesel industry by providing an option for biodiesel producers to source their catalyst from a dependable, high-quality domestic producer. Construction of this plant required extensive knowledge of hazardous electrical installations and careful classification of all areas of the plant. KE was a critical design partner in bringing this operation on line safely and on schedule from bare ground to first deliveries. Meticulous documentation of all installations and ongoing maintenance have the facility set up for many years of successful operation.