Having a blast and GSD on a Holiday Weekend

When the holiday season literally and figuratively exploded for a flour-milling client, we were there to pick up the pieces. Also literally and figuratively.


For some businesses, the day after Christmas is a perfect day for some downtime. But not for our partners in the flour-milling industry, where every minute of downtime during peak season is dollars up the chimney. When a 480v service lateral shorted out, the ensuing explosion blew a six-inch hole in the pipe, and an even bigger hole in the mill’s production schedule.


We say we’ll do anything for our clients, and sometimes that means quickly sending a 16-person team a combined 10,780 miles to Colorado to get our client up and running. We Get S#!% Done so or clients can keep getting S#!% done. Even in the dead of winter on a holiday weekend.

But the KE Way isn’t to fix the immediate problem and move on. We fix things so that the problem doesn’t come back. Once onsite, we discovered that the original install included a sharp corner with conductors rubbing on the edges. With only primary fuses on the transformer, the wire continued to arch out till they blew. We repaired the issue, but without a new plan, it’s a problem that would continue to plague our customer.

And that was unacceptable.

Our collective knowledge of cold, harsh conditions allowed us to quickly strategize a long-term solution. By installing special wiring and designing a new junction box, we could add in more cable supports to take the strain off the cables as they entered the conduits.

The Result

The only result that matters is that our client was quickly up and running, and in a better position to stay that way.

That’s the KE Way.