Leading by Example with Solar Gardens

Knobelsdorff is at the forefront of the rapidly-expanding renewable energy markets. From solar to biomass, wind and geothermal operations, we become true partners with our clients, growing and adapting to meet the challenges of this booming renewable energy frontier. As an example of our involvement in this market segment, KE has installed over 350 megawatts of solar projects. As we grow and adapt to these the evolving energy market, we continue to plan for future work in other states that are poised to begin a concerted effort to bring renewables to their region.

Dundas, MN Community Solar Garden

This award-winning project was a 5-Megawatt open field community solar garden constructed over a period of five months, beginning in October of 2017 and completed in February of 2018. Knobelsdorff performed as both the Construction Manager and Electrical Contractor, as well as providing procurement services for all major components. The project proved to be a challenging one, in large part due to the customers' schedule requiring most construction over the winter months. Heavy rains in the fall impeded pile driving and digging thousands of feet of trenching for underground wiring. This, combined with an unusually rocky site and bitter -20 degree temperatures during the winter months complicated the process. Despite these challenges, the project was completed on time, within budget, and with zero safety issues. KE was able to successfully lay down over 138 miles of wire, make nearly 90,000 wiring terminations, and oversee the installation of 19,800 solar panels on the site. Today this site, along with dozens of others in the region, is operating successfully and has the capacity to power an estimated 5000 average American homes and requires virtually no maintenance during its estimated 30 years of operation. KE was selected as the first-place winner of the prestigious “Excellence in Construction” award for this category with the ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors) trade association, Minnesota and North Dakota chapter.

  • 5MW Garden
  • 20,000 Solar Panels
  • 45 Member Work Crew
  • 138 Miles of Wire
  • 90,000 Wire Terminations