The KE Way Pays Off for ADM

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) is one of the world’s largest agricultural processors and food ingredient providers. Founded in 1902, ADM has been transforming crops into products for more than a century. When ADM was looking to tackle a massive project – the largest flour mill ever constructed at one time in the country – they came the KE Way.

When ADM looked to build the largest, most technologically-advanced flour mill project of its kind at one time, KE was up to the challenge. And then some.

G.S.D. the KE WAY

ADM’s plans to construct a 30,000 cwts (US hundredweight) facility in Mendota, IL, would truly break the mold when it came to flour mills. This sprawling, multi-faceted complex would mill spring, winter, soft, and two kinds of whole wheat, and it needed the highest-end technology to do so. Plans called for a loop track with 110-car shuttle rail unloading capacity, three separate milling units, a high-speed picker, and a bleeding-edge laboratory, just to name a few.

Oh yeah, there would also be an entire transportation company on-site.

It was a high-pressure job. It was this the largest KE project to date, and it was going to be a vital cog in the local economy, not to mention the country’s food supply chain. To pull it off, we had to provide engineering, design, procurement, installation, start-up, and commissioning for:

  • 34kV distribution system
  • 480-volt power distribution 
  • Industrial Ethernet network 
  • Process controls system install
  • Facility lighting 
  • Conduit and cabling for process controls system 
  • Wired lighting and emergency lighting system, fire alarm system, smoke detection, explosion detection
  • Wiring of the hazard monitoring setups

And this is really just scratching the surface.

This was truly a project that showcased the KE Way. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have electrical construction, electrical engineering, and automation expertise under one roof, and ADM Mendota is where that pride paid off. We had the knowledge. We had the expertise. We had the G.S.D. mentality.

And that’s what we did.

The Result

The results really speak for themselves. The mill remains outstanding in its field, offering the most up-to-date monitoring and quality-control; swift and efficient packing and transportation options; and the ability to mill a wide array of wheat varieties. It accomplished everything ADM set out to achieve and more.

That’s the KE Way.